Devoted Tattoo Studio is your premier tattoo destination located in the heart of Flagler County. We are a full custom tattoo studio, with each of our artists capable of designing the tattoo of your dreams. We can work with existing designs, reference material, and/or collaborative imaginings.

At Devoted Tattoo Studio we make it our goal to deliver high quality artwork to our clientele ensuring a lasting, life-long impression.




Michael Biller

Brick, New Jersey


Michael Biller is the owner of Devoted Tattoo Studio as well as a resident tattooist. He has won multiple awards for his tattooing in many different genres. Michael has a dream of seeing his tattoo studio become something more. He has a huge future in mind, consisting of; events, a clothing line, and even a topical tattoo solution. His endless hustle has brought the tattoo studio to its current state. 


Chicago, Illinois


Francis is a senior tattoist at Devoted, with over twenty years under his belt. He is a traditional tattooer who's years of experience shine during and after the tattoo session. He has been tattooing in Florida for over seven years and also creates custom water color flash sheets.

Calvin "Showtime" Jones

Boston, Massachusetts


When Calvin isn't enjoying long walks on the beach and candle light dinners, he is spending his time perfecting his artistic ability. Calvin is quickly becoming a recognized face in the community. From a background of art and drawing, Calvin has been tattooing professionally since 2014 and is looking to pursue a more Neo-Tradional style of tattooing.

Mark Matthews

Sacramento, California


This former Ink Master star has had a passion for art ever since he was a child. He channeled that passion into the world of tattooing when he was introduced to the medium at seventeen. Mark learned tattooing the hard way. A self-taught artist, he considers himself lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside a number of great artists who have motivated, inspired and taught him how to become a better artist. Aside from tattooing, Mark is also a professional mixed martial arts fighter, who competes several times a year. He's a true family man who counts his wife and two kids as his biggest supporters both in and out of the ring. Mark specializes in black and gray and is also experienced in traditional Japanese and Americana styles. 


Annabelle Grace

Palm Coast, Florida


Annabelle is a local tattooist who has been in the industry since 2017. She loves doing tattoos that show off her fine art and painting background. Annabelle is continually pushing herself to put out the best work possible and is happy to be working her dream job every day.

Jay Waite

Willington, Connecticut


Jay is an award winning veteran of 25 years in the tattoo industry. He has tattooed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and all over Florida finding his new home at Devoted Tattoo Studio. While Jay is known for his use of bold lines, and solid color work, he is proficient in many styles. From Traditional and cover-ups to black and grey, new school, and realism Jay can create a unique tattoo based on your ideas or his own.

Kurtlin Redner

Palm Coast, Florida


Born and raised in Palm Coast, Kurt is currently the apprentice at Devoted. Possessing a talent and great skill set, we are excited to witness his transition into a Tattoo Artist. Kurt is also the stepson of the owner and is ready to impress and set himself as Palm Coast's and Devoted's next great artist.

Eduardo "Edy.jpeg" Naugle

Miami, Florida


Originally born in Venezuela, Eduardo is in charge of the Studio as a Manager and a Brand Ambassador. Be on the lookout for news and updates from this young, talented mind. 

Chris Seabra

Palm Coast, Florida


Chris has been tattooing for 3 years, moving to Devoted from South Beach Miami. He enjoys most styles but specializes in more ominous black & grey and illustrative tattoo work. His devotion and style gets better with every piece he does. Inside and out of tattooing, Chris Seabra is an artist of all sorts.




We carry high-quality printed T-Shirts for our customers to show their support while wearing our designs! 


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